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Wooden watch box color design

Issuing time:2019-04-08 19:36

Wooden watch box color occupies a very important position in any design, because color is often to mobilize people's visual enthusiasm of the important aspect, whether the color beautification, whether to highlight the product, decided the wooden watch box packaging design effect.The color of the package should be closely related to the composition and design of the whole package.

The configuration of wooden watch box color should be based on people's association and habit of color, in today's packaging design, more and more is the color of packaging and a more exaggerated art, of course, the color of wooden watch box packaging is also limited by packaging technology, materials.

Wooden watch box packaging color has a basic requirement is to be eye-catching, relatively strong contrast, in order to attract the attention of consumers, improve competitiveness, help the promotion of wooden watch box.Of course, different types of wooden watch boxes, packaging color is not the same.For example, the color on the package of food is very rich generally, and with warm tone is given priority to, basically be to highlight the characteristic of food.And the package color of medicaments kind is more onefold, and it is given priority to with cool tone more, if again, on the package of cosmetic, its color is more downy commonly medium tonal, won't too dazzling also won't too low-key.

Shape is the shape of packaging, including the size, size, shape, and so on.Generally, the packaging forms we see in our daily life are commonly used, and there are few abstract forms.Constitute a packing appearance is the most important factors in the form, form is the form of point, line and plane, watch a wooden box packaging form generally have a few kinds, namely, cylinder, cuboid, cone, wooden watch box packaging form is novel, visual guide the consumption has very big effect, is generally strange form of packaging, tend to attract the attention of consumers, but also can not too pursuit in the design of exaggeration and innovation, is too abstract concept packaging appearance rather easy bad feeling to consumers, thus affecting the wooden watch box sales.Packaging design, should be combined with consumer habits for innovation, add some new elements.

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