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How to design paper watch box

Issuing time:2019-03-27 20:28

Paper box can be very diversified, the appearance of materials are copper paper (printing paper), filled with vellum, embossment paper, binding paper, writing paper, pulp paper, and some more special materials.
What is important is the design of the box shape

One, clamshell watch box, because it is the shape of paper blank, can not be on the hinge button, so the need to add ribbon, interior decoration to see what kind of watch, to determine the use of word pillow, or pillow

Two, heaven and earth cover watch box, this shape is generally suitable for network marketing products, higher protection, practice class can be high but low, because you can implement the machine to do goods, so the cost of heaven and earth cover watch box is the lowest of all costs.You can design it for as much money as you want

Three, book watch box, can be designed as a multi-standard with effect, such as the watchband and watch separate, or with a few watchband is no problem, in the display of the effect is relatively good, because it is one.

A drawer, watches boxes, the effect of this type of cover design is a bit like heaven and earth, but the grade or higher, in general, will also add a ribbon used with smoked pull, drawer box on the cost will be difficult to cover the shape of the heaven and earth, you watch factory procurement, if have a watch box of design of the above problems can ask the million packaging business colleagues, professional production, the 10-year watches with hundreds of watch packaging design concept.

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